Dear Parents

LIFE CAN BECOME A LEARNING EXPERIENCE when each day is treated as an opportunity to learn. Parents can play a crucial role in providing learning opportunities to children at home. For this, parental engagement needs to begin right from the stage of infancy and maintained throughout childhood until the children mature during their teenage years into early adulthood.

Parents play a very important role in the overall learning and teaching of children. They do this by participating in and facilitating diverse learning experiences and activities outside the school. In this, their attitudes, behaviours, and actions in relation to their child’s education play a crucial role in influencing student learning and educational achievement.

We are all aware that its a challenging act to keep the kids engaged and focused.

We invite you on a journey in enhancing your child’s overall development through a series of curated fun exercises for the entire family using our Funology Workbook.

The workbook is designed to help build that team. Your family team.


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