Alpha Program

We, at Brighter Minds, believe that the pace of progress and specific areas of development are unique to each child.
We fine-tune our approach based on the sensitivity and responsiveness of each child. It is akin to coach a batch of children to play the game of cricket. Some children may become good batsman, and some may become excellent bowlers and a few may develop as all-rounders.
Similarly, here at Brighter Minds, we provide children with an opportunity to develop their right-brain skills and we encourage them to excel in unique and different ways.

Brighter Minds’ Alpha program is based on theories and practical research on the concept of whole-brain activation to help children enhance their mental capabilities.

Our program incorporates a series of interactive proprietary tools and techniques; and provides a learning environment based on joy, positivity, and love. We use a method to stimulate the intuitive capabilities of the brain by sending special vibrations through sound waves. Our specially designed proprietary music uses certain beat frequencies that help unlock the vast potential of the human brain.

The Alpha Program is an 8 week program requiring a total of 24 hours. The program is designed for kids aged 7 to 14


Program will be delivered online through Zoom and consists of 8 weekly sessions of 3 hours each.

Please check our STORE for available sessions

Alternatively please register your expression using the form below. We will contact you as soon as the next batch is scheduled.


Total cost of Program –

$599 + Training Material and Postage (Approx $50)


We use proprietary music during the program. Alpha music is an important component of the program. The music access is currently only available on android devices through the Brighter Minds Music app.